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I've made this website to showcast my games. All games mentioned on this website are freeware and do not contain adware or spyware. All games are made with the program Game Maker by professor Mark Overmars. Game Maker is a very easy to use rapid game development program which has a fully usable free version. More information about Game Maker can be found at my Game Maker website:

I am Simon Donkers, I am currently 37 years. I am from the Netherlands and I've graduated in Applied Physics in 2008 at Fontys University Eindhoven. Around September 2002 I found out about the program Game Maker and have been using it ever since. I have made many examples, tutorials and scripts about Game Maker which all can be found at my Game Maker website. Furthermore I have made several games with this program. On this website you can find my latest games.

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